What’s Your Street Name?

Something really stupid, but funny happened yesterday when I paid a visit to my regular Fitness First gym. I forgot my membership card, so when I got there, I had to give the lady at reception my details to let me in. Here is how it went..

Lady: What’s your last name?
Me: Wong.. WW…OOO.. NNN.. GGG
Lady: OK, what’s your first name?
Me: Leong, like LL… EEEE… OOO… NN.. GG
Lady: Right, so what’s your Street Name?
Me: Err.. (pause for 3 seconds).. LL Cool J?
Lady: (Laugh) No.. no.. street name.. the street you live on?!

Ahh.. well, in the context of how she asked those questions, how could one assume "street name" equates to the street I live on? I suggested she ask for ‘Address’ rather than ‘Street Name’ next time. Saves the confusion & embarrassment for the future.

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