WANTED – A Barrister To Serve Coffee

You know how it is, a new cafe comes along, you go there as often as you can until you’re sick of it. At the moment, my regular cafe is “San Churro“, which is really a chocolateria than a cafe. It’s definitely run by Asians, but the hot chocolate & coffee they serve are Spanish. Anyway, what does that have to do with a barrister?

Well.. this is the sign they’ve got on their display at the moment..


Still didn’t catch the mistake? They were clearly looking for a barista, not a barrister!


In case you don’t know what the difference is, here are the definitions:

* Barista – a person who works at the counter of a coffee shop; a coffee bar server

* Barrister – A barrister is basically a lawyer!

Imagine hiring a barrister to serve coffee at your cafe…


I know, I’m making fun of my own people (The shop was run by Asians). A bit of “Engrish” can make the day for anyone, especially people like me! 🙂

You never know, maybe they REALLY ARE looking for a barrister to run their coffee shop!!!

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