Fishing Is Just Not My Forte

Most of the time, I do not admit I’m bad at something, no matter how bad others think I am. For example,  bad driving? No way. Bad at dancing? Nope. Bad with the ladies? Absolutely no sir!

But, fishing? Let’s just say I have given up and happy to announce to the world, that I am simply NO GOOD at fishing. So, how did I come to this conclusion?

Well, I was promised "damn good fishing", so my extended brother says. Without hesitation, I deliberately flew to Brisbane just for that. My mind runs wild with the excitement of having a fish fighting at the end of the line, reeling them in with sense of satisfaction and pride. My parents told me they caught 70 tailors (a type of aggressive fish) in one night last year! So, what the heck, surely I’ll be able to catch one! So, off I go..

1. First, put on the sexiest clothes you can find from your wardrobe..


2. Pack your home-made dinner


3. Get your fishing gear & baits ready..


4. Get there early, and settle down in a spot nicely.. It can get crowded here later..


5. Cast your lines.. 


6. And then.. just sit tight and wait..


7. Wait.. just wait…


8. Patience.. patience.. just a little longer


8. Wait a bit more.. just a LITTLE BIT longer…


9. Ooh.. movement in the lines..


10. Darn.. that one got away. Wait some more..


11. Crap.. this is just not worth it. Come on fish! BITE! Mind you.. my extended brother had no issues catching fish all night. Even my parents caught a couple..


It’s late.. OK, I give up. Fishing was never my thing anyway. Let’s not dwell on it too much. Let’s go home..

Oh.. crap.. why car not starting? Damn it..

DSC00927 DSC00929

*Sigh*.. no fish.. car broken.. extended brother happy, parents happy. Me? Sad..

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