Special Face Mask For The Pademic

Wearing a face mask when out and about is no doubt the norm these days for most countries. As much as I hate wearing one, these things are intended to do its job to prevent spreading of the virus. But of course, there are a lot of people with more fashion or practical sense than me that would want something better than a plain surgical mask. At least one business is quick to jump on this, e.g. a Tokyo store opening a specialty store selling over 200 kinds of face masks!


How about a bubble tea store in Philippines providing face masks that allows you to drink bubble tea without taking your face mask off! Now, that is INNOVATIVE!


Ethan had something different in mind. He decided to bring one of his new toy out one evening. Imagine your kid walking around town like this…

Yes it’s just a toy Iron Man mask. But it certainly looks like it can do a better job at preventing diseases spreading than a surgical mask! 🙂

And before you ask, yes he is still wearing his usual face mask underneath..

There you go.. there’s a business idea for toy companies out there. A full face mask that can act as a toy and prevents disease spreading! Surely it will sell like hot cakes!

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