I lost of my bloginity in 2005 when I moved to Sydney in April 2005. Don’t have too much to say about myself, other than, I like my adventures and I’m running out of time doing it all. I have a tendency to forget what I’ve done after some time, hence I’ve setup this blog for that very purpose. This blog is mainly for myself, to remember all the significant things I’ve done, so that 10 years down the track, I can look back and laugh about it all.

I work, just like everybody else, trying to pay the bills and enjoy life at the same time. I’ve learnt that no matter how busy your life gets, there’s always time to relax and have some fun and appreciate what you have. I’ve discovered life really is quite short, and that I’ve got to make the most of the short time I have in this lifetime..

So, let the adventures begin..

4 Thoughts to “About”

  1. I like your snowboarding video, im going to colorado christmas eve and wanted to know from you how snowboarding is? Is is hard? how is it when you first start out on a board for the first time?

    Yo, thanks bro for your response in advance. Keep up the good work. I am starting my own Jeourny in life and start to get myself out there and enjoy it while i can, If you have any advice from your journies and want to share my ears are open…..take care


  2. Thomas

    On your youtube video “Learn to Snowboard in 1 day” what artist is the audio? You credit Chilli Peppers but it seems to have been changed…
    Thanks and safe travels!



  3. Malik

    Hello ant. Malik from USA. Missing the sgd days @ BHP with you guys n chandu, Andrew, Amman & everyone else. Great too see your adventures. Keep them coming.

  4. awonglk

    Good to hear from you mate! Miss those early days when we were all new to SIngapore! If you ever drop by Singapore, please do shout out and say hi!!

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