What is Goji?

Was shopping at Broadway today with Marissa just for some groceries. Interestingly, we ran into a display stand which talks about “Goji” (Chinese: 枸杞; pinyin: gÇ’uqǐ) which in English is basically Wolfberry. It’s suppose to be an anti-aging, has potential to lower blood cholesterol and pressure. There’s even a story that one Chinese man lived 252 years eating this Wolfberry on a daily basis!! Pretty sure that’s bullshit. But the product itself is just a 1-litre juice bottle. We took the $2 shot to try it out, and it tasted alright.
It retails for $75, but we hesitated to buy it on the spot. Doing some more research on it, before we take the plunge.
Here’s the Wiki article on this fruit -> Click

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