Long Weekend Adventure

What a weekend we’ve had. In fact the whole weekend has been fantastic!! Saturday started with watching the West Coast Eagles (from WA, where I’m originally from!!) kicking Sydney Swan’s butt at the AFL finals. Sunday started with a visit to SGI Center (thanks to Wayne), where they celebrated the success of OYPC (Oceania Youth Peace Conference). I’ve only met Wayne on Tuesday prior, but he’s been really nice and offered to drive us. Later on that evening, Wayne even took us to UNSW to play my first game of badminton since I came to Sydney! The evening was then spent waching the Brisbane Broncos winning their grand final against the Melbounrne Storms with Darren’s workmates Leo & Al.

Little Red Riding HoodToday is more adventurous. The day started with jetboating the Sydney Jets at Darling Harbour. It’s the 2nd time I’ve gone jetboating. Last one was in New Zealand, but I thought I had to give Sydney’s harbour jetboating a shot. The highlight? Definitely the coat that was given to us. We all looked like Little Red Riding Hood wearing those things. Marissa definitely looked exactly like one! The ride itself? It was surpringly better than I thought. We were definitely wet by the end of the ride. Not to mention the views. It’s almost a waste to whizz past everything so quickly! Marissa was excited at the beginning, but I could tell the excitement dwindled towards the end. Sadly, she puked after the ride.

P1000803 P1000802 P1000801
In the afternoon, we met up with my old high school mate, Berto! I haven’t seen him for quite a while, and he happened to be down here over the weekend with his girlfriend Wendy. We met up at Darling Harbour, where the latino festival is on at the moment. Naturally we had some spanish food, like the excellent Churizos & Paella. Berto’s brother, Hoolio and his Japanese wife is also there. We had a good time catching up for a couple of hours. Berto & Wendy seemed pretty serious! They talked about plans to travel overseas, getting married, settle down to buy a house etc etc.

Ant Bully 3DComes 3pm, Berto had to go as they had to cath an evening flight back to Brisbane. Not wanting to go home yet, we took the opportunity to go to Imax to watch Ant Bully 3D! I’ve always wanted to cross off ‘Imax’ as one of the list of things to do down here in Sydney. The movie itself was pretty good, and although not as great as Finding Nemo, it is certainly interesting watching the movie with 3D glasses on a massive screen. You ALMOST feel like you’re in the movie, except the sound is not quite ‘close’ enough to make you feel like you’re in the movie.

Normally this would be the end of the day, but we decided not to quit just yet. With Marissa’s work van, myself, Marissa & Darren made our way to Five Dock to have an Indian/Pakistani dinner. Darren has this list of restaurants recommended by taxi drivers, and has been wanting to go. So why not.. Beef masala was the highlight, but I didn’t think it was that fantastic. The restaurant was definitely packed full of indians/pakistanis, so it has to be very good & authentic. I’m now back home, lying on the couch writing this blog entry. It’s almost 11pm and I’m still too full and bloated to go to sleep.. *sigh* Hope next week will be as fun.

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