Introducing Anthony “van” Wong

Not sure what happened yesterday. A last minute decision landed me & 3 other friends at Canberra’s National Gallery of Australia (NGA), for the "Turner To Monet" art exhibition.


Yes I hear ya. Doesn’t sound like me at all does it? The Anthony that you know, would have rejected the idea outright on any normal day. Yet, my current interest in European history and philosophy somehow led to a resounding "yes" to this little day trip. I already hear names like van Gogh & Monet since I was in high school, but never really had any real interest in them. They are suppose to be some of the best painters in history! So, why not go there and learn a few things or two. So here are the 4 "art connoisseurs" that decided to embark on a day trip together..


From left to right: Anthony, Nada, Kiran, Arjun

Out of the 4 of us, the ‘real’ painters (or at least better than me) are Nada & Arjun. Nada have had an interest in paintings for a LONG time, but I suppose it doesn’t put $$$ or food on the table. So, it have always been a passion on the side! Arjun, a former-workmate of Nada, also had a passing interest in it, and have recently taken on painting lessons with Nada! Me & Kiran? Perhaps we just had nothing better to do!

When we got there, we know it’s going to be a long day. So first, we started with a hearty meal…

DSC00964  DSC00968

Of course, you can’t go there without at least pretending like you are an artist…

DSC00972 antKiran

The gallery  was arranged in such a way to illustrate the classical romantics landscape artists like Turner and Constable, to the later so called "Post Impressionist" artists like van Gogh & Monet. As we move from room to room, it was obvious that earlier works were a lot more about the subject and looked very ‘real’ (like a photograph)..


As artists evolved, it was less and less about the subject, and more and more about colours and how they interact to create and express mood / feelings / shock etc etc…

Haystacks (Claude Monet) 1890 Oil on canvas painting


Tree Trunks in Grass (Vincent Van Gogh) 1890 Oil on canvas painting

To Kiran, it all looked so easy, and even claimed that he could paint better than van Gogh. I don’t blame him, as I had such thoughts momentarily too!

Like the days, when I was labelled "DJ Wong" (That’s another story for another day), I have decided that van Gogh is of far more interest to me at this stage of my life.

Hence, I pronounce myself ‘Anthony van Wong’.

And look, I have already started on my own impressionist masterpiece, titled "Man Holding A Ball"


"Man Holding a Ball" (circa 2008)  Anthony van Wong (1979-present) Australia

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