Sydney Home Show & The Chiropractor Booth

One extreme advantage of living in Pyrmont, is its promity to just about everything! Today, I get to discover The Sydney Home Show which is hosted at the exhibition centre literally 5 minutes walk from my apartmet.

After a hard day’s work of listing on eBay (that’s like my new side-income now), I have decided to reward myself by going to this show. It was an interesting experience. Creature comfort has obviously progressed well beyond what I will ever dream of. One notable feature was the Japanese inspired ‘wipe-your-butt’ toilet. Thought that should have been available years ago. Then there’s the fully automated home. When you leave the house, the lights, TV, air-con all switches themselves off. The reverse happens when you come home. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

The most interesting part is yet to come. There’s a ‘wellness’ stand which is located kind of to the edge of the exhibition centre. It was located upstairs, and I was given the opportunity for a FREE spine checkup. I thought to myself, why not. Besides, I’ve been having back pain lately and was about time I get it fixed. The made me stand on two weights, which I was then advised that I should get my back checked. Yeah.. will be seeing one on Tuesday..

The day finished with a trip down to Cabramatta to pickup Marissa, and then had dinner with her good friend Kent. It’s been quite a few months since I’ve seen him. It was good catching up with him.

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