Penrith & The Blue Mountains

I’ve been really looking forward to today’s trip. We have decided that every weekend we will go somewhere new. The first ‘out of Sydney’ adventure begins with the famous Blue Mountains! It certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been there. The last time I was here, it was 15th December 2001! I really enjoyed it, so I thought I will definitely love it this time.

The day started with a drive past Penrith. We happened to be looking for bedsheets at the time, so we even stopped by and explored Penrith’s shopping centre. It’s definitely not as ‘multi-cultural’ in Penrith. Majority of the people here are white Australians. Nevertheless, the surprise of the day was ‘Hokka Hokka’ where we had Laksa for lunch. It was definitely a satisfying meal. Worth a ‘food photo’!

Then we headed towards Blue Mountains. It can’t get any better. The day was sunny, the view.. absolutely stunning. I read somewhere the gorge used to be a massive river running through it, so after many many years, when the water was dry, we’re left with this amazing view!

Anyway, Marissa was not ready to do the whole walk from one end of the mountain to the other end. So, after paying a visit to the Three Sisters, we drove to the other end, and did a much shorter walk. Didn’t even climb back up. We took the Skyway instead, which is an impressive ride in its own right.

Overall, it was a ‘physical’ day, and definitely worth the drive. No doubt I’ll be back here to do one of the much longer walking tracks.

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