Back in Brisbane & Officially Australian!

It’s certainly a good feeling to be back in Brisbane again! Like they all say, “HOME SWEET HOME!” The early morning flight was hectic, but I’ve never felt more awake! It almost felt like a dream.. after 3 months in Sydney, I am now coming home, visiting my friends and family, and getting my Australian citizenship! I am glad my boss let me have this day off. Rocky (my dog) was the usual jumpy and playful. My parents and sisters looked the same. Brisbane didn’t change much. I guess it’s only been 3 months.

Anyway, my parents came with me to the citizenship ceremony at Town Hall. The slight rain almost spoilt everything. Nevertheless, we were inside the building in time. Judging by the crowd, there obviously is quite a few people becoming citizens tonight. I knew Kevin’s girlfriend was coming to this ceremony on the same day. So seeing show up was no surprise. However, to my surprise, I saw Derek there as well! Had a brief chat with him, and he said he’s going to China for a holiday soon! Good for him! Seems like his new practise is going well for him.

Anyway, the ceremony itself wasn’t that interesting. The lord mayor had his little speech (forgot his name), the band played their music, and then there was this Spanish dance, followed by large scale karaoke singing along the Australian song “We are one, and we are many,,,” Most important of all, I got my certificate to say I am Australian!

Over the next few days, I caught up with the boys (Patrick, JB & Berto), Phung (for lunch at Malaya), Jachin at his new place in Eableby, and even had my passport done in just 1 day! That was amazing. Oh, if there’s one bizarre event, it was the night I was hanging out with the boys at Q-Masters in Milton. I saw Valerie there, hanging with a bunch of guys. We didn’t talk to each other, but it feels weird.

On the final day (Sunday), we also celebrated a combined birthday for me and my mum. The cake didn’t taste too good, but hey… we celebrated on that kitchen table just about every year!

Let’s hope that I’ll be back again soon..

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