Soup in Giant Bread

They say people are creatures of habit, and I guess I’m no different when it comes to food. For lunch, I usually go to the same food court, eat the same food, from the same few food joints in Macquarie Shopping Centre. I thought I’ve tried every single restaurant, but there’s always these few restaurants that I keep saying to myself, ‘Yeah, I’ll try it next time’, but it never happens!

The Great Bagel & Coffee Company is a great example. It’s been open since the start of the year. It’s new, it’s fancy, it looks pretty cool. Call me cynical, but any company that calls itself ‘Great’ can’t really be that great!! Agree?? I suppose bagels for lunch have never appealed to me either. But today, I decided to break the cycle, and tried it anyway. I went for the most unconventional dish this place has to offer..


Yeap.. that’s soup in a giant bread. Pumpkin soup in a coconut-sized bread! At first, you would think, "Wouldn’t the soup just soak right through the bread?" Surprisingly, the bread holds on to the soup very well. As you can imagine, it’s not the softest bread in the world either.


Wouldn’t say it’s the tastiest pumpkin soup, but the novelty of it certainly wowed me for a second. Being able to eat your bowl after you finished its content is certainly a different experience for me! But honestly, I could not finish the bread. I tried my best and only chewed a quarter of it off.

Unique? I think so!!

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