Snow Trip with Family 2008

I don’t even remember the last time I travelled anywhere with my whole family together. The last trip was probably more than 10 years ago, when I was still in high school!! Somehow, we managed to pull ourselves together and travelled to the Snowy Mountains last weekend. I guess things have changed a fair bit for all of us.  Along with my sisters and my parents, this trip even included a new addition to our family, John (my brother-in-law)!!

Left-to-right: Helen, Anthony (me), Roselind & John

Left-to-right: Dad & Mum on ski lift

Whilst the snow season have barely kicked off, with only a handful ski lifts open, the trip was still as much about learning new things for my family members (None of them have snowboard or seen snow before), as it was a family reunion for me. There were plenty of laughs, food, drinks, falling off snowboards, pointless conversations, snoring, you name it. It’s strange how so much seems to have changed (career, marriage etc etc), yet at the same time, so little.


Anyway, enough of the sentimental stuff. All the photos here speak far more than my few words can describe the amount of fun everyone had. Not only did they have fun, they all picked up snowboarding, and was able to slide down the mountain very well on their first day!!


DSC01154 DSC01156

Plain genius? Or a damn good instructor? 🙂

I guess this season, for me, is no longer about learning how to ollie and do backside-360s. A new challenge for me, is to teach and pass on my passion to you!! So..



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