Introducing The Foot Stamping Game

It all began one day, while Kiran was busy chatting away with the ladies. I was hungry and was trying to pull him away to have lunch. I went up to him and stepped on his foot without any notice, to get his attention. Of course, if your foot was stepped on, the most immediate reaction would be to return the favour and step his/her foot back! Not only did I avoid being stepped on, I stepped on his foot again! Of course, this just turned into a vicious cycle, and thus.. a new sport have been born right here in the North Ryde EMC office… Enjoy the video..



I call it "Foot Stamping" game. It may look like an easy game, but it’s definitely very physical and require some level of fitness! Most of us were tired and puffing in less than 5 minutes.

The rules are quite simple:

* No pushing and shoving
* Keep your hands to the side of your body
* A full point is counted when your whole feet is ‘stamped’ on
* Decide and agree on boundary (Wall or square lines on the floor)
* The opponent gains a point if you touch or step outside the boundary
* Have fun!

This game is perfect for the office environment where you sit in front of a computer all day. Guaranteed to get your heart rate up in less than 5 minutes!

If you’ve never seen this before, or if this sport ever takes off, then you know it all started! 🙂

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