Feeling Like A Number

It has merely been a few weeks since I am back from my 2 months overseas holiday, and I am already back in the rat race. As if post holiday depression wasn’t hard enough to get over already, my new employer made it worse, making me feel like part of a production line again. Why? Because I have a serial number! Other companies may call it “Employee ID” or “Employee Number”. But at my new employer (which I won’t name), they call it “Serial Number”!

So, on my first day at work, with the usual added mess of things to organise (Laptops, phones etc etc), I called up the corporate helpdesk, and normally I would expect “Hi, I am xxxx, how may I help you?” Instead, this is what I get:

“Good morning sir, could I start with your serial number?”

Yeah!!! I am a serial number, like the one you find on a milk carton, or your typical goods packaging, where you can scan with a barcode scanner and perhaps checkout, and take me home or throw away.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my new job. But, to call me a ‘serial number’?? That’s a first for me!

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3 Thoughts to “Feeling Like A Number”

  1. Let me know when they barcode OR QRCode your forehead.

    “Good morning sir, please start by scanning your forehead.”

  2. awonglk

    Haha.. or they could just implant all their employees with RFID tags!

  3. Hsien-Kuo Sun

    so..should we start calling u by ur number from now on?

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