Reflecting on Year 2006

You know, when people say time flies, I’ve never really appreciated or fully grasp just what that means until this year. Looking back, I can’t believe I’ve been in Sydney for almost 2 years already! Time literally flies! Looking at 2006 though, I’ve marked these significant events of the year:

* Moved out of Thor’s place into our own place
* Completing Advanced PADI Course
* Trip to Philippines
* Snowboarding in New Zealand
* Darren Moving In
* Trip to Switzerland
* Looking after Documentum, when Jeffry left
* Seeing Alex Hubbard fully self-proficient with Nikita after training by me
* Switching Blog software from b2evolution to WordPress
* Breaking the tie with Clo
* Kevin and Noni’s wedding
* eBay account (With >1000 feedbacks) UNREGISTERED & Banned
* Scammed by Indonesians for Digital Camera Purchase
* Settled 2 off-the-plan properties
* New Zealand Property Trashed by squatters, and insurance won’t pay
The list above is all I can remember so far. I have to say, for the first half of the year, I was very focused and enthusiastic both in business and life. Towards the end of the year, focus was a bit lost, and I was basically wandering around. So, to improve in 2007, I have decided to make the following plans:

* Move to a 3-bedder
* Trip to Vietnam
* Market Stall to sell food
* Look into working in UK
* Digital Archiving for my taxes

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