I Was In Paris Last Night

Marissa thinks I’m obsessed with Paris Hilton. She thinks that I think and talk about Paris all the time! Admittedly, I am quite curious about this girl. And today something unexpected is about to happen…
It’s New Year’s Eve, and we decided to take a stroll along Oxford Street, since a lot of shops elsewhere weren’t open. Then we noticed this shop window, with a pile of people looking through it. I have heard somewhere that some rich businessman paid her a few million dollars to spend time in Sydney for New Year, so I told Marissa, “It’s probably Paris shopping in there”. Our curiosity soon took over, and we walked up to the crowd to see what’s the fuss. My guess was indeed true. It was Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton Shopping

With true amateur paparazzi style, I joined the crowd to whip out our trusty little camera phone, and started taking photos. Of course I have the photo to prove it!! And in true Paris-style, her guards walked out with bags and bags of clothes. Wherever she walked, everyone follows. In real-life, she looked a lot smaller than I thought. I guess magazines shoots make her look a lot taller than she really is. But, everything else about her is recognisable. Fancy hair, with sunglasses, fashionable clothes, and the permanent ‘smirk’ on her face.

Paris Hilton

Hmm.. you kind of wonder just how does it feel to be in her shoes. Unlimited shopping, driver around in a BMW, gets attention wherever she goes. Beyond what I’ll ever experience in my life time. But, her presence today certainly made a few curious people happy today.

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