Quiet Christmas 2006

This year’s Christmas is definitely the quietest of all the Christmas I’ve ever had. It was just me and Darren, while Marissa was at work. Unlike last year, I am not back in Brisbane and the entire day was spent staring at the computer screen. Darren did manage to cook up a bit of a feast, although only the two of us ate it.

I got Marissa a Oregon Scientific alarm clock, a VERY expensive and fancy one. For Darren, I got a basketball. That’s about it. Darren gave me a set of cuff links, which was nice. It certainly didn’t feel like a Christmas at all. I was on-call, Darren’s friends were all back with their family, and didn’t want to go back to Perth as he complains about it being too expensive. I’m on-call, while the rest of my workmates gets to have a holiday.

On the bright side, I am saving the holidays for our big trip to Vietnam in April. So that kept my spirit up. Besides, it’s time of us to move out of this little one-bedder to a new place in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll get to have a white xmas next year!

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