Christmas Party at Naoko’s

While not mentioned in my blog a lot, I’ve been going to meetings at Aris’s place consistently every 2nd Monday nights lately. SGI in Sydney is quite a different experience than in Brisbane. I’ve always considered Brisbane as being more ‘united’ and close, while Sydney is more ‘business’ and cold. But, I’ve discovered lately it’s not true. Aris is definitely working extremely hard at Kosenrufu, and I have much to learn and respect such a great personality.

Anyway, Marissa & I have been invited to the region’s Xmas party, and it’s held in Drummoyne at Naoko’s place. And boy, the location was fantastic! It was right next to the river! The party was held outside with a BBQ, along with lots of talking among members. I bumped into Andrew, which is a guy which I thought was a bit ‘weird’ yet admirable in a way. Everytime you talk to him, he talks in terms that are way out of this world, like ventures and take-overs, buying businesses and joining alliances. He was certainly very young (in early 20s), but definitely sounded like a young typhoon. He’s even met my ex-boss Lloyed Ernst of Webcentral. So I thought he’s gotta be serious! Strangely, I was never actually able to find out what he really does, other than he works in the security business and that he runs a few companies. Kind of really makes me wonder if he’s telling the truth or not.

DSC_0291  DSC_0298  DSC_0299  DSC_0295

Anyway, I had a good chat with Wayne, and got to meet his brother Wai Kian. Overall, it was a good day. I really need to get more serious about this practise.

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