Parents here in Sydney

My parents just left to go back to Brisbane today. They arrived yesterday from China after a 1 week holiday over there. As I expected, they were absolutely sick! What can you expect from all that unhygenic & fatty food in China. I hired a car, and had all sorts of plans to take them out and about Sydney. After dropping them off at Pacific hotel in China Town, it’s quite obvious they were not gonna be going to too many places. The initial plan of going to Bondi Beach was scrapped. We only managed to have a bit of lunch at Market City. We did also visited our apartment as well. Marissa was sick at home at the time, and complained that I brought them home with the place soo messy.

It was an improvement today, and we managed to pay Bondi Beach a quick visit. Darren joined for lunch, along with Marissa at East Ocean restaurant for lunch. It was a good catch-up session. We didn’t really spend the rest of the day doing much else, as their flight is at 3pm. The visit was short, but I’m hoping I’ll be back in Brisbane next month when I have to settle my apartment.

We did manage to take advantage of the hire car, while we have it. We managed to pick Wayne up for badminton, and even went to Hurricane in Bondi for dinner afterwards! Darren wrote a good article about Hurricane, where they are renowned for their ribs. We didn’t manage to get a seat (we had to wait at least an hour), so bought a takeaway instead. See the photos at Darren’s site here:

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