Adventure Weekend.. Live Life To The MAX

This is one of those weekend I just had to get my butt off and do something fun. I know I’ll be busy next weekend with work, so I decided to make FULL use of this weekend. Without hesitation, I rented a car from my friendly “personal” rental car company next door, Europcar. Got one of those $99 weekend deal, so can’t go wrong. It has certainly been a super-fun weekend, and a tiring one. Time seems to past soo quickly when you have fun! To summarise:

Friday night -> Marissa, myself and Darren went to watch a basketball match at Olympic Park. No, it’s not NBA, nor is it some top NBL team like Melbourne Tiger or Brisbane Bullets. It was West Sydney vs. Singapore Slingers. Yes.. Singapore Slingers. I actually thought there would be Singaporeans in this team, but I was wrong. There was not a single Singaporean soul in that team.. !! No wonder there wasn’t any Singaporean spectators either in the crowd! The match itself wasn’t that great either. Singapore Slingers kept trailing by 10-15 points, and remained that way until the end. The pom pom girls and the half-time show was more interesting! Anyway, after the match, we drove to Harris de Wheels for a quick bite. Certainly made the night more interesting. Me & Darren have scuba diving to look forward to.. hope the weather will be good!

Saturday -> Started off with diving early in the morning. Darren & me took off to West Ryde, where Deep Six diving. We were soon to discover that we were the only 2 divers diving today along with the instructor. Admitedly, the weather didn’t look that great and is quite cold. But, I wasn’t gonna let weather hold me back, so off to Manly we go. The diving site today is Cabbage Tree Bay. I was fortunate enough to park right next to where we begin our dive. The diving suit we got looked a bit gay, but they were good quality Aqualung stuff. The dive itself was interesting, although it’s not the first time I dived here. It’s a bit shallow, and the deepest we got to was 7.2 metres. Darren was happy to see a Wobbegong.

RIMG0505_1.JPG RIMG0506_1.JPG

Sunday -> Jamberoo time! I managed to get 3 free tickets from work, which comes with company paid BBQ food and alcohol. So why not! Made our way down there by 10:30am, and beat Nestle’s bus to it.

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