Officially Moved Out & Into Pyrmont

Marissa & I have decided on a place, and guess where it is!? It’s in PYRMONT! In fact it’s on the same street, and just across the road from our old apartment. The decision was literally made in a day, without even looking at the apartment! We figure, for $300/week in Pyrmont, it doesn’t get any cheaper, and it comes with a carpark!

It didn’t today that it was raining practically all day. I’ve rang Henry (My manager) that I’ll be taking half a day to move. Marissa brought a van, and we started shifting stuff that we packed a few days earlier over. By 3pm, we’ve managed to move majority of our stuff, leaving behind just the large lounge and my servers.

The new place is at “The Pyrmont”. It had facilities like swimming pool, spa & a sauna, so it’s a slight improvement. The apartment is a ‘loft’ apartment, i.e. split level with the room upstairs, and the kitchen & lounge downstairs. It’s perfect for what we need, in theory. The place is a bit dark as it’s on the ground floor. The kitchen is a little dated and definitely a lot more cockroach than the old place. On first impression, Marissa definitely did not want to stay. But it’s getting better..

The biggest difference when we moved out? Hmm.. I definitely feel a lot more ‘free’, and we finally get a lounge to watch TV! The future looks bright..

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