Trip to Tarongo Zoo..

Today is what I will refer to as my last weekend in Pyrmont. Hopes are high that we will move out by next weekend, if everything goes well. Marissa & I woke up pretty late. It’s also another one of those rare Sundays that she’s off work. So, I wanted to make ths most of our time together. At 10am we were still unsure exactly where we wanted to go… she wanted to sleep all day.. I wanted to get out and do something active..

With a bit of struggle, we were out of the house finally! The plan is simple – Walk to Circular Quay, catch a ferry to Taronga Zoo. Couldn’t get any more complicated than that. Even managed to grab a Vegie Subway along the way.

I’ve thought about going to this zoo a while ago, but never really keen about it enough to go seriously. Given our last experience with the Safari Zoo in Melbourne, we didn’t think this one would be any better or different. To our surprise, it was a much better zoo than any that I’ve seen before! The location of the zoo, for one, is superb! It’s just opposite Circular Quay, so you can see the Harbour Bridge & Opera House. It’s right on the water, so if you’re sick of animals, you could just walk along the water for a break! It’s on a slope, and you get to go up the slope via a gondola. That’s exactly what we did! Looking at the free map they gave us.. it looked pretty big.. The most memorable animals were the chimpanzees, giraffes, fishing cats, massive seals, snow leopards and red pandas. And then there were those that was hyped up by the zoo brochures, but I was disappointed with, namely the asian elaphants (not arrived yet), orang utans and just about all of the autralian animals.

The highlight of the day was definitely the shows in the zoo. We managed to attend 2 shows – The Bird Show, and the Koala talks. The bird show was conducted by this american guy. At the snap of his finger, a different bird flies to him obediently. We get to see some owls, eagles and even trained rats. Very impressed..

Compared to Safari Zoo in Melbourne, both Marissa & I agree that Taronga is much better. A well worth $37 each spent for the day..

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