Australia Day!

It’s my first ever Australia Day in Sydney. It’s a Thursday, which is a relief as I get a day off. I didn’t actually have much planned for the day, since Marissa has gone off to work. I feel as if I’ve explored all of Sydney after a year, so didn’t really have any ideas where to go.

I heard about a ‘Ferrython’ happening at the harbour, so I thought I’ll go and check that out. As expected, Circular Quay was packed full of people. I can hardly seen what’s happening under the harbour bridge, but I did manage to see quite a few dressed up ferries going past. It looked more like a parade than a race to me.

Didn’t really get up to uch the rest of the day. As we just moved to our new place, and needed a printer, I spent a bit of time just shopping around the city. Later on that evening, I heard the governor of town is coming via a boat to Darling Harbout. Before the crowd arrived in herds, I managed to grab a spot right near the water at Darling Harbour. I still can’t remember her name, but at least I can say I’ve seen her before.

Marissa was home soon after, and I hanged around Darling Harbour for the fireworks at 10pm. As it happened right in the middle of the harbour, we get to see the fireworks up close & personal. Definitely much better compared to New Year fireworks a couple of weeks ago.

All in all, it’s a pretty ‘plain’ day for me. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, it did remind me of my first trip to Sydney a couple of years ago, on the same day here, with Wendy/Kev/Jack/Hiroshi/Yoko down here. I remembered being impressed with Sydney, when I watched the fireworks at this same location! Definitely a special moment.

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