Multi Cultural Lunch Event #1 (2008)

I am at it again. Out of the blue, I feel the need to do the socially responsible thing of getting the team’s butts off their chairs and off the computer screen. This time, I got the whole team together for a "Multi-cultural Lunch", in the office kitchen. An invitation was sent out 2 weeks ago, and since it’s the first time I pulled this off, I really wasn’t sure what to expect! 

Fortunately, 11 people accepted, and the event went ahead…

DSC00997 DSC00999 DSC01008

The collection of food was better than expected! Here is the complete list:

* Malaysian chicken curry – Anthony
* Indian red curry – Kiran
* More Indian curry – Jyothi
* Thai RED HOT curry – Kris
* Chinese Dumplings – William
* Chinese Mee Goreng  – Charles
* Mongolian Beef with Potato – Tuya 
* Filipino Casaba cake – Myrna & Ritchie
* Korean Kim Chi & BBQ Beef – Kay

Yes I know.. there were 4 curries on the list!! I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen next time! Here are some photos of the food. My apologies if your food is not shown here! I swear I took photos of all the food!!

DSC01013 DSC00991 DSC00990 DSC01014
Clockwise: Casaba cake, Malaysia & Indian curry, dumplings & mee goreng

And here are all the participants waiting for food to be ready..

DSC01011 DSC00996

DSC01009     DSC01010    DSC01024

DSC01017 DSC00998

Eventually, we all dug in and chewed away. Here are some big mouths, caught in the act..

DSC01002 DSC01004 DSC01018

And of course, there’s the odd clown that thinks he can handle the red-hot Thai curry….

 DSC01019 DSC01023

Anyway, everyone can’t help but argue about why their respective dishes is the best. Naturally, it’s hard for me to understand how any of these dishes could possibly be better than Malaysian curry! Putting my ego aside, there is one dish that stood out for being very different..

The general consensus seems to be that Ritchie & Myrna’s casaba cake deserved an award! Lacking any real award, I give it the "honourable badge" (whatever that means)…


Other honourable mentions include Kiran’s curry, Tuya’s beef with potato & William’s dumplings. They were ALL GREAT in their own ways!

This is definitely just the beginning. We have gained some curious interests from several passing staff members. The next one, will definitely be bigger, better and hopefully even tastier!

Thanks everyone for making this event happen!!!

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