Shopping For Balls

Perhaps you raised your eyebrows for a second reading the title of this post. You must be thinking “What balls am I talking about?!”. Before your mind wonders too far off the mark, let me clarify what it is not. No, I didn’t lose my balls, and going out shopping for a replacement. Nor am I shopping for any basketball, baseball, whatever ball you can think of. So let me explain…

A colleague from USA (His name is Chris) has dropped by Sydney for a few weeks. He’s never been to Australia, so he is very much a tourist here. I decided to put on my ‘tour guide’ hat, and show him around town after work one evening. Since I moved away from the city, I haven’t really been there that much either. Hence, when I did get there, I almost forgot how beautiful this place is!!

DSC01044 DSC01042

I wasn’t planning for a long night out, so me & Kiran took Chris out to Lowenbrau first for some German beer..

IMG_0147 IMG_0136

This was followed by paying “Harris De Wheels” for some unique hot dogs with peas…

IMG_0186 IMG_0193

Chris never finished his. However, the highlight of the night would have to be this souvenir shop…

DSC01039 IMG_0156

Most residents (like me) wouldn’t normally walk into these shops, so perhaps we don’t actually know what they sell there! There’s the usual boomerangs, VB cup holders, “Welcome To Australia” shirts etc etc.. Some of the more exotic ones are wasabi macadamia nuts, roo pooh (it’s just chocolates) and of course, nude postcards. However, nothing there surprised us that much, until we came to this rather unique section. Take a look at this.. and tell me what you think it is..


If you haven’t figured it out, it is indeed a genuine, absolutely pristine, highly usable “Kangaroo Balls Can Opener”!! Look what they are doing to the national icon of Australia!! How would you like it, if your balls were hung in a souvenir shop for sale like this??

Nevertheless, there were quite a few to choose from, and Chris was so fascinated by it, that he had to get one to take home. But then came the dilemma.. every single one of them is different and unique, as you can imagine 🙂  Kiran & Chris spent quite some time feeling, touching, and examining these FINE Aussie balls.. 😉 I guess this photo summed it up best..


So, should I get a hairy one? Or a smooth one? Big one or Small one?

Which one would you get? Enough said…… 🙂

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