Microsoft Event & Argument with Manager

Today is one of those days that I love as a technology freak. I took a day off work to attend Microsoft’s Ready Summit, where they display the latest and greatest like Office 2007, Exchange 2007 and Windows Vista. It was certainly a very enjoyable day for me, where food & drinks  were provided. The presentation on the future of Sharepoint 2007 was interesting. I even got a free Windows hat, pen and a free MSDN magazine.  I can’t help but smile all the way with a capital GEEK in my face!

Anyway, all was good, until my manager called me up about 3:30pm to ask me to come back to work. He said he needs me in there to do a few things and it was urgent. I cannot believe it! There couldn’t possibly be anything that could not wait ’till tomorrow! Anyway, I did not refuse and came to work with an angry face, wanting to confront him. Admitedly, I’ve never been so angry with him ever since I worked there, and he was just as surprised. It was obvious that I wasn’t happy, so he called me to a private meeting with him. I was not happy that he let me go to this seminar for a day, only to be asked to come back in. I said the seminar meant a lot to me, and I expressed my unhappiness with his obsession with people turning up to work to satisfy another workmate’s on-going complaint about my work hours, and turning up to work (It really is just about him being jealous, I reckon).

After a lot of convincing, I managed to calm down and understood that he really just wanted me to come in because he did not have any confidence in another workmate’s ability. I was basically needed to ensure things are run how it should be.

It’s not much, but I guess it’s worth writing about since I never actually been angry at Henry before. Hope I don’t have to go through this with him again.

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