Another Clovelly Snorkelling Day

It’s Saturday, and I haven’t really planned what I’m going to do today. I hired a car for the weekend, but not sure what we were gonna do with it. I went to Ashfield to check out a 3-bedder. JB is coming soon (like in a month or two), and I’m starting to look around and thinking where to move to. After some frustration, I gave up, and told Darren we are going to pay the beach a visit.

It’s about 3pm when we left. It’s the 3rd time I’m visiting Clovelly. It’s Darren’s first time going there. Sounds a bit gay, that I’m going to the beach with a guy. But Darren seems to enjoy the beach. His latest obsession is taking photos of himself. Oh, he just had a haircut at a Korean hair salon and spending a lot more than he usually would on his hair. I think he’s trying to impress some chic.

Clovelly is certainly a lot busier today than the last 2 times I came. There were even a chic sunbathing with a breast exposed. She certainly didn’t mind people looking! Snorkelling was pretty good. Me & Darren both saw a pretty big Blue Grouper. That’s the only interesting fish there today. After that, we sat under a rock hiding away, drinking beer, and munching on some chips. As usual, Darren likes to rant on about how great Australia is compared to Singapore.

Come 6pm, I had to go down to Cabramatta to meet Marissa to have dinner. All the staff and her family are having a celebration dinner again. I didn’t enjoy the dinner as much as Marissa did. To me, it really was just a crazy drinking session. All the sales girls were definitely heavy drinkers! By 9:30pm, most have gone drunk and slowly rining their husbands to take them home. It’s quite amusing watching each of them slowly dropping away after a few Martell Cordon Bleu. I didn’t join in as I had to drive Marissa home..

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