Unforgettable Onsen Hotel – Komatsukan Kofutei

This is actually a “recap” video for a trip that was done back in January 2020 just before all international travel lock down started. So it was one of the very last international trip up to today! Quite unbelievable to think that it has been 1.5 years and we still have yet to set foot on a plane!

Prior to COVID lockdown, we had been making annual trips to Japan just so that we get to take a bath! Or more specifically an onsen hot bath. You could call it an “annual pilgrimage”.. and I had been called an onsen otaku (a hot bath geek) before. It’s definitely hard for me that I haven’t been able to go this year.

If we can’t go there, I guess all we can do now is reminisce how good of a time we had during our last onsen trip! It happened to be one of the best onsen hotel we’ve been to, known as Komatsukan Kofutei. It’s located at Matsushima Bay, which is generally associated with great views, great food, great hotels. Komatsukan Kofutei is no exception. The name is a bit of a handful though!

If you happen to be in Sendai or going to Matsushima Bay.. definitely check it out!

YouTube video

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