Royal Caribbean Cruise To Nowhere

I should have posted this 2 months ago when we posted the Youtube video soon after our 3 nights trip on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas back in July. With international borders still locked down, there’s very little options left for us wanting something different for a holiday. There’s only so many staycation hotels you can do before they all look/feel the same. After all, Singapore is a relatively “small island” being 50 kms east to west and 27 km north to south! Royal Caribbean happens to offer the only other “Cruise To Nowhere” option in Singapore (other than Dream Cruise that we did last year), and we just had to give it a try.

If you haven’t gone on either Dream Cruise or Royal Caribbean yet, and want our opinion of which is better? Well.. I’m afraid my answer is going to be that “It depends”. To put it simply, Dream Cruise is far more “Asian”, while Royal Caribbean is far more western. Which one you prefer will depend on personal preferences. Personally, I love the Asian food selection, and arguably the better outdoor activities on offer (big water slides, and rope courses) on the Dream Cruise. But Royal Caribbean offers fancier shows, more luxurious / higher-end interior, good selection of western food and a very wide variety of activities. Royal Caribbean seems to have a greater focus on safety with a very comprehensive safety video and briefing, and plenty of lifeguards around swimming pools. Dream Cruises will feel like the wild wild west in relative terms because we didn’t even have a safety briefing, nor did we have lifeguards constantly screaming at us about what we can’t do.

In any case, they are both very different experiences. We like them both. Royal Caribbean does offer a 4-night cruise to nowhere option though, which Dream Cruise does not offer (maximum 3 nights). So, if you want a longer stay, Royal Caribbean is your only option.

Anyway.. here’s the video summary of our trip.. enjoy!

YouTube video

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