Father and Son Trip in Korea

Naturally, as a growing kid, there’s many “first”, and this year (i.e. 2023) is the first time I as a father had a trip with my son alone. The choice of destination? A short 5 days trip in Busan (Korea). It probably isn’t the most exciting choice, given Busan doesn’t really have any world famous theme parks or attractions that would immediately interest a 9 years old. But I guess that’s not the point of the holiday is it? It was really was all about spending time together, I suppose.

From trying out new food from a different culture…

Or trying out another culture’s version of familiar food in our home country, like corndog

Trying out new experiences together like Busan aquarium, or the skywalks

Or just simply showering / bathing together at Korean’s Spaland, eating instant noodles.

Probably the most memorable part according to Ethan is the time he ate something questionable and ended up puking it all out in the hotel room. And yes, I ended up having to clean up the mess. Frustrating, but definitely memorable.

I suppose as a father, it’s also realising just how quickly your child is growing up.

It’s probably the phase of parenting you realise, your child is starting to have his own thoughts. Fascinating to watch happening in front of your eyes, but also terrifying that it’s probably not too far away that they will grow up and somehow don’t “need” you anymore. 🙂

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