Eating The National Icons of Australia

It was a pretty short week last week, and weekend arrived rather quickly. Once again, myself & Kiran put on our tourist guide hat, and took Chris (our colleague from USA) out for a short day trip to the Blue Mountains national park.


DSC01065 DSC01075 DSC01074

It wasn’t a particularly good day for photos, and it’s definitely much colder this time of the year. We finished the same trail we took Corey (another colleague) a few months ago in 3 hours. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t particular challenging for Chris, given that he did a 3-day hike at the Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA) before!! But, I bet he didn’t end his Grand Canyon hike, with this….

DSC01101 IMG_0883

It’s an Aussie BBQ, with a slight difference! These ain’t your average sausages. Here, we were given a choice of kangaroo, emu, or beef sausages. Hell I’m definitely not going for beef!! So, me & Kiran went with emu, while Chris got himself a kangaroo sausage. Here are some photos to illustrate what we are eating.. 🙂

Emu DSC01105

image DSC01106

Yummm… Not too bad at all.

So, not only can we buy Kangaroo balls, we can eat Kangaroo sausages too! Let’s find out what else we can do to these national icons of Australia.

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