Hardkor3 Weekend

DSC_9386The long awaited weekend is finally here. Darren coined the term ‘Hardkor3 Weekend’ for this 2 day weekend Thredbo trip. Andrew & Prasannah, who are my Perth high school mates have popped by all the way from Perth just for this 2-day weekender. The plan was to leave on Saturday morning at 3am, to start snowboarding at approximately 10am, and comes home on Sunday at 10pm. With our rental car, snowgear, accommodation, and Thredbo lift passes everyday, we looked forward to a fantastic weekend..

Besides, Marissa even bought a pair of Burton Snowboaring Boots, worth $400! Definitely gotta get the most our of this weekend!
Saturday morning started with a very short 2-3 hours sleep. We were all out of bed by 3:00am, and left the house by 3:30am. We even managed to fit in a little group photo down in our lounge room before we go. With the Toyota I picked up the day before, we started heading off. Somehow, I don’t feel as excited about this trip as I did last year. Not sure exactly why. Darren reckons it’s because of all the planning that I’ve done, which basically took out all the fun already. I partially agree with that.DSC_9375

Anyway, Darren has written a really good looong blog on this weekend. So I don’t have to waste my time on it. Read it here:


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