JB Invading Sydney No. 2

JB decided to invade Sydney again for the 2nd time. He reckons he wanted to pay us a visit, and take the opportunity to buy his snow gear before he goes skiing with us in New Zealand next month. Arriving on a Friday evening (about 10pm), it was lucky that Marissa drove her parent’s car up for the night. I picked him up from the airport, and ended up having a bit of snack at MacDonalds in Darling Harbout. He complained that he came all the way from Brisbane, only to eat out at MacDonalds. Darren & Serene was away for the entire weekend, so it wasn’t a problem for JB to stay here. World Cup Germany happens to be on, so we even made a little trip to the casino to watch a game. I’m sort of dangerously getting myself involved with sports betting. After Marissa won $130 from her $500 bet last week (with Brazil playing Japan, of course Brazil won). I got myself an online Sports Bet account, and started betting.. I kept telling myself I won’t be addicted, but let’s just hope that I really won’t.

Saturday was basically shopping day for JB and us. After a quick breakfast at our favourite cafe in Glebe, we then spent the rest of the day shopping. He bought most of his gear at Columbia on Kent Street, and some accessories at Kathmandu. All up, I think he kept the spending to less than $400, prettty good! I was well behaved as I didn’t actually buy anything for myself, other than a thermal shirt. Lunch was at our favourite Japanese restaraunt, Ichiban-Boshi, just across the Kinokuniya bookstore in The Gallery. Had some beautiful cold noodles! But JB still preferred the one we took him to in China Town the last time he was here! Later on that afternoon, we even met with JB’s cousin (Noy). We stayed at Noy’s parent’s place in Phillipines while we were travelling there. We have previously met him once here in Sydney to pass on some stuff that his parents wanted to give him. It’s the first time we meet his girlfriend, and the first time JB met him since he was a little kid! Without talking too much, we went to watch Superman, which I thought was the dullest movie ever. After going home, he spent a bit of time with his old friend, eating out at Chinta Ria, a Malaysian restaurant that I vowed to never go.

Marissa was working on Sunday, so it was just me & JB. Not knowing what to do, and where to go, we finally decided on a ferry trip to Manly. It was a pretty pointless day. Didn’t really get to see or do anything fantastic. But, we did try out some food at the African restaurant that me & Marissa always wanted to go. The restaurant is Moroccan. I can’t even remember what we had, but it certainly looked like the food that my manager (Henry) brings to work for lunch (he’s Nigerian). We pretty much went home after that.

That evening, Marissa & JB was able surprise me with a birthday cake & present. My birthday is not until Tuesday, but JB would have left by then. JB bought me a book called “Cooking for Dummies”. We had a bit of a laugh about that. Too bad, we didn’t take any photos, ’cause Darren took my camera for the weekend. The cake was a highlight too.. Marissa managed to get a durian cake! And a VERY fresh one too! Later on that night, we went to have a drink at Astral. I even managed to lose my beanie too!!

I was suppose to take a day off on Monday. But I did that last Monday for our little trip to Townsville, so I thought I better not do it again. I only had time to have breakfast with JB & Marissa. The rest of the day, I was at work, while JB spent some time with his cousin, as well as watching a movie with Marissa. She even sent him off to the airport!

Anyway.. he seemed like he had fun. The next time I’ll see him will be in Christchurch next month for the ski trip.. !!

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