Day Fun @ Entertainment Quarter

We were supposed to go to Bateman’s Bay today, but because I was unable to secure a rental car, we ended up going to Entertainment Quarter a.k.a Fox Studios. Given we’ve been to quite a few places around Sydney and around NSW, we thought we’ve run out of places to go! To our surprise, Entertainment Quarter turns out to be quite a fantastic day out!

Marissa, Darren & I didn’t actually got our butts over there until almost 1:30pm. It was a pretty short drive as it’s only about 5km away. It’s not my first time there, nor is it for Darren & Marissa. In fact, Darren & I was here many many years ago on our first trip to Sydney as a tourist. Looking at it though, it doesn’t look like too much have changed since!
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Having said that, first surprise of the day came, when I bumped into “Gosh Coffee”! This is the exact same coffee shop that I owned in Brisbane! I have always known Matthew Gee (The Gosh Coffee chain boss) owned stores in Sydney, but I guess I found one of them here today!

Second surprise of the day, was the market. They had some pretty fantastic food! Darren refused to try Singaporean (he’s Singaporean). So, we decided a bit of Spanish would be interesting. Marissa & Darren had a Chorizo roll, while I had a Mojo Roll (which is basically a bread with a massive red pepper vegetable). Looked like any regular bread with sausage, but the original sauce they provided us made the difference.

Not satisfied yet, we went to the next store for a bit of Ethiopian food! Shared a $6.00 Butter chicken with flat bread, topped with lentils, salsa and some hot chilli. Very very nice indeed.

We were going to watch “The Lakehouse” movie here, but turns out the next session was 7pm at night. So, we left early, and watch the 2:30pm session at The Broadway. I didn’t really enjoy it, but Marissa & Darren did.

It was just an hour of the day I spent at Entertainment Quarter, but does remind me of my more adventourous weekends since many weeks ago now. Need to get back to it again.. !

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