Flemington Markets..

I think me & Marissa is really missing the days when we go and explore a new place just about every weekend. Lately, it’s been work, or can’t think of a good place to go etc etc.. Given Darren is going through a breakup with his first girlfriend he truely cares about, there’s not much of a mood to do anything. Flemington Market is one of the last few places we haven’t been to, and since Darren needs to get out of the house to stop moping around, we thought we’ll go to the markets.

It was a 35 minutes train ride, out the west of Sydney. My memory of Flemington is back when my workmates took me out to have fantastic lunches at the Asian cafe/shops. I guess the market is right next to it, so it should be interesting. It’s certainly BIG alright. In fact, we’ve only explored the ‘miscellaneous’ section of the market. Didn’t even visit the fresh produce section! I guess we lost interest in it pretty fast, as most stores seem to sell the same things. The highlight of the day is definitely lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant at the other side of the train tracks. I had Pho (Vietnamese Noodle), Marissa had noodle, while Darren had rice. They were HUGE! I totally stuffed myself to the point I didn’t have dinner that evening. And then, I had the best sugar cane drink for $2.00!! It’s sweeter and not so ‘mixed’ with water type you get in Cabramatta. It’s so good, it’s worth a Kodak Moment picture.. 😉

Anyway.. we went home around 3pm-4pm. Didn’t really do too much after that. But did ended up going to the pub with Darren about 11pm at Paddy McGuires at Star City Casino. Darren just wanted to have a good heart-to-heart talk about his relationship and what he should do etc etc. He reckons he slept well after that talk. Seeing him.. he definitely is in the worst shape I’ve ever known him, ALL because of a girl. Really reminded the days I went through my major heartbreak. So, he’s quite fortunate that he had someone to give him advise etc etc.. The bonus? I had a FINE margarita!

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