Going to Switzerland – FINALLY!!

After a lot of speculation, waiting and waiting.. it’s finally confirmed. My manager told me today that I am going to Vevey! Credits go to my manager (Henry) for fighting this trip for me with upper management. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a LONG time. Just about everyone in my team has gone to an overseas trip, except me. I guess after a year long let down, I’m immune to surprising news. To be honest, I didn’t actually feel all that excited about the news when Henry told me! Besides, I am sooo bad with geopraphy. My manager said I’ll be flying to Zurich, and I go, “Is that in Germany?”.. Yes I know you all will think I’m an idiot.

Anyway, I will be departing on the 5th September, which is exact 2 days after I return from my New Zealand trip!! It’s for a B2C workshop, where other team members in Europe & America all come together to discuss issues. So, I suppose it’s all businiess. I do have 2 weeks there, and probably a lot of spare time. I think I’ll go and find out where this Zurich is on the world map…

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