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Things are going quite well at work, I must say. Although I’m not terribly happy with the pay rise, I am enjoying work quite a lot. Going from looking after just B2C, I am now fully involved in B2E which includes Nikita and Documentum. Not only am I exposed to AIX, DB2 and Documentum, I have quite a lot of freedom in choosing how I look after these applications. My manager (Henry) has been incredibly supportive, although not always the most helpful in terms of giving me a good pay rise, and offering advise.

Having said that, I can’t say I’m terribly happy at the same time. I was promised lots of travelling, paid extra for working different hours, lots of training courses etc etc. Most did not happen (although I did go to 2 training courses this year). I’ve been dying to go to Switzerland, and I was promised at the beginning of the year to go to this year’s B2C workshop! This is ALL under speculation, awaiting upper management approval. I really hope it will happen. I also discovered white collar workers all received an average 16% pay rise this financial year, compared to my 5.5%!!

Not only that, we definitely don’t have the best team here. One has his own agenda, one plays the polictical game, one doesn’t and one simply useless. There is very very little teamwork at all! On the bright side, =
it is also this lack of ‘results’ by the other team members that makes me look extremely good! I am ALWAYS available, ALWAYS the one to resolve crisis problems, ALWAYS have solutions to market needs, basically a YES IT CAN BE DONE attitude!

From what I hear, our team has gone from ‘problematic’ to ‘stable’. Markets are happy, and there are no longer continuous infrastructure issues. The challenge for me now, is to continue innovating, and eventually expand into B2B as well. Looking into the future, I hope to lead the entire team.

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