Snow Arriving Early!

This year’s snow arrived a LOT earlier! My theory of disappearing snow due to global warming is all proven wrong! I almost felt like going for a drive to the Snowy Mountains just to see if it’s all true!

Without hesitation, I wrote this email to my entire North Ryde team to make sure we’ll all be going to the snow this season!


From: Wong, Anthony
Sent: Friday, 2 May 2008 4:51 PM
Subject: Feeling a bit cold?

OK Boys & Girls..

Winter seems to have arrived early this year. Some hate it. Some love it. For me? I fall into the latter category. Why? Because we are only 6 hours away from some of THE BEST FUN you will ever have!

Given this early snowfall, I would like to make sure that you are aware of my plans to organise a team event in June/July. Let me start by giving you 6 reasons why you MUST come to the snow this season:

If you’re still not convinced.. here’s a short itinerary of what’s included (From Friday night to Sunday night):

– Leave Friday night, stay over in Canberra
– Head off to Thredbo or Perisher on Saturday morning
– Snowboard/Ski all day
– To rest, we will set ourselves up a nice little STEAM BOAT dinner
– More Snowboarding/skiing on Sunday
– Head home and reach home, ready for work next day.

You’ll come home battered, bruised and tired. But most of all? You will absolutely enjoy every minute of it.

You don’t even need to take a day off!! Suitable for anyone from kids to old farts like us.

Expensive? No. I’m Asian™, it’s in my interest to save you every $$$ possible.

For a limited time, I am throwing in 100% FREE LESSONS for 1st timers. You will AT LEAST be as good as this girl I taught last year. She NEVER seen SNOW in her life!

If you enjoyed Clovelly, I guarantee you will LOVE this event. Let me know early, and Uncle Anthony will guarantee the best time of your life.

Anthony Wong


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