First Day at Office

Today is the first day that I am at the Nestle office. For some strange reason, I didn’t in any way feel excited about it all. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe this is my 4th job. Anyway.. woke up really early in the morning (6:00am), and walked around the city. It’s actually a pretty dead place at that time in the morning.

Anyway.. I was at work 15 minutes early. Was welcomed by Kirtsty (HR) and was accompanied by another new girl. Was then toured around the office. All I can say is that Nestle is BIG. Henry later turned up and I get to meet him as well as Ralf (Service Delivery Manager). Also met my immediate workmates Kurt Brooks and Han Chung.

Later, Henry organised to have Jeffrey Liem to take me out to lunch. We had lunch at the staff cafe. Met with more people there. Had a chance to talk to Jeffrey Liem later about ‘politics’ in the office, which I wasn’t to surprised given the size.

Anyway, Henry let me finish early since I am yet to get my laptop and photo ID. Went to Rhodes shopping centre and got my replacement SIM. To my surprise, it’s FREE!!

Marissa later came, and surprised me with a phone. It was her friend’s phone. At least I am connected again! She’s a genius. Anyway, the Pyrmont apartment should be ready to be moved in tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

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