First Day In Sydney

Arrived Macleay Lodge last night. Thanks to Marissa who picked me up from the airport. Arrived at Macleay Lodge. Accomodation was very basic with shared bathroom. Later we went out to dinner next door, called Macleay Bistro. It was very Italian. I shouted Marissa dinner, knowing that I owe her a birthday present.

Today was relatively eventful. In the morning, sent Marissa off.. went to Nestle office at Rhodes by train and returned employment contract. Then came back and had lunch with Thor in the city. Later on the evening, went and had an interview with the Pyrmont landlord.

Funnily enough, Ross Real Esate called up about the $360 2-bedder that I wanted in Rhodes. This is an apartment that I really wanted, cause it’s the price of a 1-bedder and has 2 bedroom! However, it looks like I might have to stay in Pyrmont with Thor to cut down living cost.

Later, an very unfortunate incident happened. Swapped mobile SIM card with Thor, ’cause my phone battery died. But, I lost the mobile in the toilet at Rhodes Shopping Centre. So, gonna have to find a way to replace his Nokia 6110. JUST what I needed!!

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