Amazing Encounter & Lazy Sunday

Had a lazy Sunday.. Thinking back.. work during the week was pretty cruisy. They’ve been pretty unorganised. Seems to take forever to get all the right tools to be installed on my work laptop for me to do any useful work. Spent most of the time talking to Jeffrey Liem about hi-fi and digital cameras, and a bit about office politics.

So surprised just how easy-going the office is. Nobody is really hard at work. Oh oh.. the most amazing thing happened. I was trained by a girl called “Lisa” on Thursday on problem management. I swore I’ve seen this girl before. And it turned out to be the indonesian girl that used to study the same Masters course in QUT!! She moved down here 2 years ago. What a co-incidence that we ran into each other and now work for the same company!

Another amazing co-incidence on Friday night happened. Was eating out with Marissa at Star Casino in Fortunes Lounge. To my surprise, Jerry Ng was sitting right next to me having dinner with his friend!! Stupid me didn’t even realise it, until he turned to me, and said, “Excuse me, can I ask if you are Anthony?” We had a bit of a chat. Apparently, Jason Ng (His older brother) is some financial planner making big bucks. Jerry is planning to go back in July for good. His girlfriend and friends are there, or so hey says. Anyway, he was off gambling.

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