Melbourne Trip on Steroids..

It’s one of those spontaneous moment, where we decided it’s time for a quick break. I’m not sure how we decided on Melbourne, but that’s where we went for a 3-day quickie. It was suppose to be a trip for just me & Marissa, but before you know it, Marissa’s sister and her 2 kids came along to.

The trip started on Saturday (6th Jan), with an early morning flight flying Jetstar to Avalon. We wasted no time and picked up our Budget rental car, to begin heading off to our first destination. Luck was on our side. I booked a small Hyundai Getz, only to be upgraded to a Toyota RAV4! Anway, it was off to the Grampians.


1st Night-> Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens 4.5 star
2nd Night -> Motel in Frankston

For the trip, we managed to cover:

* Draculas Comedy Cabaret
* Phillip Island
* Lunch at Yu-u
* Shopping in Melbourne

Some highlights? Well, it includes:

* Little Ben puking in the car, because of my driving
* Getting a $50 parking fine in the CBD. More affordable than Sydney, but nevertheless..
* Experiencing 1st hand the famous “4-seasons-in-one-day” weather of Melbourne
* Seeing those tiny penguins coming to shore
* Draculas coffin dessert (Of course, the show itself is very good)
* MacKenzie Falls
* Sneaking 5 people into the hotel for a room that’s suppose to be for 2
* The kids feeding pidgeons with chips in the middle of the Melbourne mall

DSC_0437 DSC_0451 DSC_0501 DSC_0564 Nice Split

Coffin Dessert  Anyone wanna eat a coffin for dessert?

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