Planning Trip to Phillipines

March/April is gonna be quite a big month for me. I’m planning to go to Phillipines with JB for 2 weeks. I’ve started reading Lonely Planet guides on Phillipines, and it seems like quite an interesting place to visit. Of course, no other beings I’ve spoken to agree. Elaine said it’s not that ‘pretty’. Yap (from work) reckons it’s nothing special and very 3rd world. My parents are definitely disagrees with the trip, and emphasised the number of pick-pockets that will be out for us.

Regardless, the guide does make Phillipines seems like an interesting enough of a place for me to visit. So far, the highlights are:

* Wreck Diving / Snorkelling
* Boat ride down the rapids
* Cock-fighting
* Air-conditioned chinese cemetary

Given that diving is very interesting over there, I’m definitely gonna try and get my advanced PADI certification by next month. Hmmm.. I’ll see if it gets any better after next week..

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