Valentine’s Day 2007

This year’s Valentine’s day is a little more ‘special’ than the last. For any of my ex-girlfriend, and even Marissa, will tell you, it’s an after-thought rather than something planned well in advance. This year, while not ‘well-planned’, at least it was more thought out that the last.

It’s a normal work day for both of us, and I guess for majority of couples out there. We left JB at home, and had dinner at Strathfield trying out a Korean restaurant we’ve never been to. We met there after work. I got a card, and a chocolate to go with it. She was surprised with a single rose later when we got home.

Marissa with Rose   Single Red Rose

We do have a major holiday coming up in April. So, while it’s all romantic and all to have dinner and exchanging gifts, we soon got back to work (Saving up for the big trip)… That’s life..

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