Nice Wheels and Fridge Cleaning!!

Got a few things achieved this weekend. I picked up a rental car from Budget again, this time booked through my employer with a corporate account. I asked for the smallest car possible, but ended up with a brand new Mitsubishi 380VRX! Even better, it was delivered right to the front door of my office! It’s a $40,000 car with leather interiors, 3.8 Litres V6, and one of those auto transmission that can switch to semi-auto if you feel like shifting gears manually. Being a V6, I I imagine it won’t be much of a fuel saver, that’s for sure! But hey, it only had 22km on it!

Mitsubishi VRX380 Front   Mitsubishi VRX380 Back

On Saturday, we managed to buy a refurbished fridge at Auburn. It’s suppose to be Darren’s job, but I guess he’s just too busy with his trips on weekends to care about anything in the house. We settled on a $320 Kelvinator fridge from Auburn Electrics. It’s big, and I hope it works. Anyway, the fridge managed to be delivered by 7pm and we spent a good hour cleaning it with Ajax. Even took photos of us cleaning the fridge to remind Darren that it’s suppose to be his job

Ant Cleaning Fridge  JB Cleaning Fridge

Speaking of wheels, I went to Big W and got myself a skateboard. This will be my mode of transportation from home to work from now on. Seems a bit unconventional, but I don’t really care too much what others say. It’s only $30. But yes, I am aware that I’m no longer a teenager, and it will look a bit strange skating in business shirt/pants to work. It cuts down my travel time from 10 minutes to just under 6 minutes, why not?

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