The Shaky Leg Syndrome Weekends

For the last 2 weekends, I’ve been heading out to Blue Mountains for some super demanding adventures. To warm up, the first weekend involved taking my colleague from Melbourne for a 2.5 hours trail walk. I’ve probably done this trail at least 5 times now with various friends of mine. This was followed by canyoning at the Serendipity trail in Blue Mountains with long time friend, Jack, one week later. So, why am I calling this post "The Shaky Leg Syndrome"? Read on..

Shaky Leg Episode #1 – 2.5 Hours Trail Walk

Corey is my work colleague from Melbourne. With a skinny frame and short bleached hair, you might think she’s a man-eater if you stepped on the wrong side of her! She’s here in Sydney for 2 weeks. I thought taking her out to Blue Mountains would be something different. A heavy smoker, and lack of any exercises for years, what better ways to torture her with some major physical challenges..

DSC00613  DSC00607

Joining us is another one of my colleague, Kiran. One look at his photo below, you might mistaken him for a bouncer at your night club!

 DSC00669 DSC00637

We couldn’t have picked a better day to go hiking on this mountain. The weather was perfect, there were some heavenly clouds floating pass, the waterfalls actually had water in them, making the already legendary views even better. Plenty of laughs, jokes along the way.


Of course, the physically demanding walk took its toll on Corey when we finally reached the bottom of the cliff. Out of the blue, her legs started to shake uncontrollably. A mixture of the fear of heights & exhaustion, she pulled up her jeans to show us..


Yeap.. it’s definitely shaking! Hence, the title of this post is dedicated to her shaking legs! It lasted a GOOD LONG WHILE

Shaky Leg Syndrome Episode #2 – Canyoning Serendipity

Jack is a long time friend of mine from Brisbane. He’s down here for work Christmas party, and at the same time took advantage of the free weekend. I managed to suck him into canyoning. We joined the Blue Mountains Adventures company for this trip. They specifically mentioned that we need to be ‘physically fit’ for this activity….

 DSC00678 DSC00679

Of course, being me, I didn’t take too much notice of that. We did it anyway, and for most of the trip, it was definitely very enjoyable, and you get to see parts of Blue Mountains that ordinary tourists just won’t get to see AT ALL!

DSC00690 DSC00691 DSC00687

Abseiling, walking on water, climbing near vertical walls, free-fall jumps off cliffs, heart-pumping walks over slippery ledges, spotting yabbies, swimming against river currents in body-hugging wetsuits… Does it get any sexier than that? 😉

Although we don’t have any photos to show it, I can guarantee you both me & Jack had more than one occasion of non-voluntary shaking leg syndromes!!

For the next 4 days, both of us could barely walk, and complained endlessly of sore legs and painful muscles. Will we do it again?

For me? Absolutely YES!
For Jack? Absolutely NO!!

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