Hard Work at Jamberoo

Ever since I joined EMC, I would say my average hours in the office is at least 11 hours everyday. Not because I’m doing any more work, and not because I’m required to. Simply because, culturally, everyone here (at least in my team), people don’t bloody go home! Some say it’s an American thing, some say it’s because nobody here has a life. Let’s not get into that.

So, fortunately, Kiran (my workmate) still have some sense of fun in him, and suggested going to Jamberoo on Saturday. Four of us (Myself, Kiran, Mirza and Srika) got there about 11:30am. Being an Australian long weekend, arriving this late was not a good idea, as we soon found ourselves parking at the very far end of the car park.

DSC00787 DSC00785

The four of us could not be more different in terms of ethnicity, religion and taste in women! 😉 Let’s see, we have a Chinese (obviously me), 2  Indians and 1 Bosnian. In terms of religion, we have 1 Buddhist, 2 Hindus and 1 Muslim. Yes, it does make for some pretty interesting conversations. Heheh.. that’s what you get when you work for a major international company.

Differences aside, we managed to squeeze out heaps of fun all day…

DSC00733 DSC00752

The scary 5 metre drop..

DSC00764 DSC00768   

Racing slides, wave pool, twisty water slides.. All good! However, it was soon obvious that the usually talkative and outspoken Mirza was lacking certain physical skills. We see him fall repeatedly from his floating device, hurting his balls badly after the 5 feet jump (pictured above) and bruising himself in the wave pool. The rest of us had a pretty good laugh about it though.

Of course, nature tends to balance things out. He made up for it all with some beginner’s luck in the game of mini-golf in the afternoon..

DSC00777 DSC00783 DSC00781

Mirza started out last, with some shots that would see the ball flying way off course. By the 18th hole, he won it to save some face. I don’t necessary agree with the scores, as we all had to keep our own scores. But, let’s just leave it at that.

Overall, a very good day that sees us all off our computer screens at work. We are already talking about our next trip, and I’m sure it’ll be some major fun once again!

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