The New 1 + 1 is equal to Window!

Perhaps I don’t hang around kids that much these days. After all, I was a kid once and some would argue I AM STILL ONE! Leaving that aside, hanging around a 9-years old kid certainly brings a new angle on looking at things, as I experienced recently during my snow trip.

So what does that have to do with 1+1? Well, the most logical answer is:

1+1 = 2

Correct? WRONG!.. In my days, smart-ass kids would say:

1+1 = 11

Well, even that is no longer the ‘cool’ thing. The new answer to 1+1 is:

1+1 = WINDOW!


Yes, that’s the 9-years old kid (His name is Dong) laughing at me, when he told me that answer.

So, how did he come to that answer? If you are curious, you can check out this YouTube video

Hmm.. don’t you just love how kids see things?

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