North Ryde Team Snow Trip Report

Wow.. what a weekend! Plenty of snow, heaps of ‘team bonding’, new friends, laughs, snow fights.. What more could I ask for??

Putting up with snoring, marathon 6 hours drive, fast food, bad driving, people’s slowness & silliness, even bad hairstyle became secondary when we arrived at Perisher Blue on Saturday morning. Imagine this..

  • 12 people
  • 3 cars
  • 1 kid
  • 2 ladies
  • 10 completely new to Snowboarding
  • 1 Instructor!!!


People say, I’m insane taking 10 beginners snowboarding. I agree partially in the end. 80% of my time was spent running up and down the slopes getting everyone on their board, and onto their feet. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a lot of fun!!


I’m sure even for a qualified super instructor, 10 is too much to handle for one person! Luckily, only 1 quit. The rest all passed the class, and hopefully all learnt something!



Some found alternative entertainment, like tobogganing..

… snow fight!!..


.. building ‘Snowgirl’ (Which is fantastic work guys! Not sure about the position of your hand, Arjun!)…


.. impressing ladies with their killer sunglasses…


.. applying lip balm to look pretty.. (What.. you thought I was being rude?)


.. just enjoying the ‘views’..


.. while leaving all the dirty work to the instructor…


Most importantly, I think everyone enjoyed the weekend, and hopefully have picked up a new passion. I would be pretty disappointed, if they didn’t!

Some are talking about coming back again this season, some are talking about going on weekend trips elsewhere together, some just made new friends! If there were any complaints, I certainly didn’t hear any!!

Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!!

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